Blessings and Prayers

What is the difference between Blessings and Prayers?
Over the years 'blessings' and 'prayers' have been used as interchangeable words. Prayers relate to the  act of praying, or of asking a favor. A prayer is an earnest request or or entreaty, the offering of adoration, contrition or thanksgiving to God.  Blessings relate to the act of praying for divine protection
or favor, a wish for happiness. A blessing is used to express a spiritual wish that good fortune may go with the person or to a specific object, such as a house. Blessings are commonly used as Thanksgiving for a dinner or a meal.

The Tradition of Blessings
The tradition and custom of giving a blessing goes back to the very earliest times when these special prayers represented wishes for a bountiful harvest or healthy children. There are traditional blessings associated with many religions and cultures for ceremonial events or rituals such as weddings. They are not only associated with people they are also associated with the fruits of the land, animals and pets and special objects which have been built to help people such as schools, ships, railways, roads and libraries. A Blessing is also associated with wishes for good fortune and luck, especially in many Irish blessings.

Irish Blessings
The Irish have countless Irish Blessings, sayings and toasts for every special occasion especially weddings and births. Irish blessings are renown for being welcoming and warm. Irish blessings tend to be highly motivational often turning a negative situation into a positive one. Our section on Irish blessings include a list of short Irish blessing and prayers for weddings, funerals, birthdays and the New Year. The words of a famous Irish Blessing are as follows:

May the roads rise to meet you,
May the wind be at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rain fall soft upon your fields,
And, until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

In this section we have added a collection of prayers and blessings including:

100 Irish Blessings
List of Irish Blessings
Irish Christmas Blessing Collection

Irish Sayings and Short Irish Blessings
These sections focus on Irish Sayings and short Irish Blessings - perfect for sharing with friends and family via texts or as a nice addition to greeting cards. The Irish people are well known for their way with words, proverbs and sayings - many must have surely "Kissed the Blarney Stone" in Ireland, which you could do if you take an Irish vacation.

Wedding Blessings
There are wedding blessings and prayers for most religions and cultures. The marriage of two people has always been viewed as an extremely important ceremony and it is traditional to wish a couple well on this important step in their lives. A Blessing is bestowed during rituals and ceremonies including blessing the wedding rings. Our section on the Wedding blessings and prayers include a list of short wedding blessings and Irish, Italian, Scottish and Jewish wedding blessings and prayers.

Irish Wedding Blessing Collection

Thanksgiving Blessings
Thanksgiving Blessings date back to antiquity when fields were blessed and thanksgiving prayers offered for a bountiful harvest. Our section on Thanksgiving blessings include a list of short Thanksgiving blessing samples and free, online Christian thanksgiving blessings and prayers. We have also included some special words for Thanksgiving dinners and meals.

Christmas Blessings
Our selection of Christmas Blessings and prayers contain beautiful words for this special occasion for those who adhere to the Christian religion. Dinner and meal prayers are especially important as traditionally this religious holiday is always accompanied by a special dinner or Christmas feast. We have also included words of prayers and blessings specifically for the Christmas crib and the Christmas Tree.

House Blessings
House Blessings are traditional wishes of good fortune for the new residents of a house. A house or home blessing ceremony can be non-religious or include a religious theme depending on the new residents. Housewarming and homewarming prayers to bless a new house or home.The most famous house blessing is accompanied with small gifts which are presented with the following words:

"Bread, so the house will never know hunger. Salt so that life will always have flavor.
And wine so there will always be joy."

Meal Blessings and Dinner Prayers
Our vast selection of Meal and Dinner Blessings and prayers provides traditional words of thanksgiving for the food on the table. Saying grace before a meal is one of the most common forms of spoken prayer. Saying Grace or saying a prayer or a blessing is often accompanied by the tradition where everyone who sits around he table will hold hands.

50 Dinner Prayers

Children Prayers and Blessings
Choose from our collection of Children's Prayers consisting of prayers and blessings of thanksgiving, praise and prayers that ask for things. Christian Children Prayers include different topics and are suitable for different times of the day - Morning, Daytime, Evening, Mealtimes, in times of sickness, birthday, Christmas and blessings for School, parents and Church. A vast range of different kids prayers and blessings for every young child.

Birthday Blessings and Prayers
The celebration of the new year is the oldest of all holidays. The "Happy New Year!" wish must be the most repeated blessing of all time. Our list of New Year Blessings and prayers provides  lots of ideas for wishing family and friends health, wealth and happiness in the New Year. Our selection of prayers would not be complete without our Irish Birthday Blessings and Prayers.

Jewish Prayers and Blessings and Hanukkah Blessings
Our collection of Jewish Prayers and Blessings include the Hanukkah and Chanukkah Candle Lighting Blessings. There are three Brachos (blessings) which are recited when the Chanukah candles are lit. Hanukkah or Chanukah (Hebrew for “dedication”)is an annual festival of the Jewish people. Hanukkah is also known as the Festival of Lights, Feast of Dedication, and Feast of the Maccabees. These traditional Jewish Prayers are associated with many ceremonial events or rituals representing the hopes and wishes of Jewish people.

Native American Blessings
Our collection of long and short Native American Blessings and Prayers include those from a variety of Native American tribes including an Apache blessing, Cherokee blessing and Navajo blessing including those that are suitable for a wedding. The words of a Cherokee Blessing Prayer are as follows:

May the Warm Winds of Heaven blow softly upon your house.
May the Great Spirit bless all who enter there.
May your Moccasins make happy tracks in many snows,
And may the Rainbow Always touch your shoulder.

Blessings and Prayers

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Blessings and Prayers

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